Rim-Shield Wheel Protector 2 installed on car wheel, showcasing sleek design and protection features.

Motion Pro

Rim-Shield, wheel protector 2

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Rim-Shield, wheel protector 2


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  • Changing a tyre is hard enough without having to worry about damaging the wheel. You certainly don't want to ding or scratch your super high-dollar anodized wheels. Traditional wheel protectors, while a necessary evil, are a pain to use. They are hard to keep in place, difficult to manipulate from one position to another, and they tend to get pulled inside the tyre at the end of the job leaving you struggling to fish them out before airing up the tyre.
  • The new patented Motion Pro RimShield will make you want to throw your old rim protectors away. The RimShield provides excellent protection to the rim of the wheel and features a large flat area that extends towards the hub of the wheel to protect the spokes and inner part of the wheel, also providing a working platform for your tyre irons. It features raised ridges on either side of the tool which hold the bead of the tyre up, making it much easier to insert tyre irons under the lip of the tyre. The extension part of the RimShield also has two finger holes to make repositioning fast and easy and allows the RimShield to be easily removed at the end of the installation process.
  • Made from a durable plastic composite with just the right amount of flex, the RimShield is the perfect tool for changing tyres on that special wheel that just can't have any scratches... and also makes changing any tyre a lot easier.
  • Sold in pairs