Track Rules and Regulations.

All riders (Participants) must follow these rules and complete the
declaration and agreement contained within the signing on forms.
Accessing the main track:
Enter only via the track entrance, one bike at a time having obeyed signals from a marshal, who
will check for correct wrist band, helmet fastened, and correct clothing.

Exiting the circuit:
Only leave the circuit at the exit point.

Stopping on the circuit:
Only stop in case of mechanical breakdown or a signal to do so from a marshal. If forced to stop
on the circuit or run-off area, park as safely as possible (far from the track and preferably behind a

Flag signals:
Yellow Motionless: Danger, take care. Ride with caution.
Yellow Waved: Great Danger, Prepare to stop, Ride with extreme caution, No overtaking.
Red: ALL Riders must stop. Riders must not pass any red flag unless authorized or directed to do
so and then proceed at a slow pace. Session ended.
Chequered: Finish, end of session. All riders must exit the track & return to paddock.

Riders must:
Read the Moto101 Rulings & regulations & complete the signing on sheet before taking to the
Wear a wristband accepting Moto101 rules have been read and declaration contained in signing
on sheet signed.
Wear a suitable helmet
Wear suitable eye protection. Goggles or protective safety glasses. Not sun glasses
Wear suitable protective clothing. Arms and legs must be covered and ACU standard bady armour
must be worn.
Wear suitable boots Which cover ankle, ideally without laces.
Not ride while under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.
Not ride in the paddock/car park, pushing bikes only on exit from the track
Not smoke on the track it is a fire risk
Any person using or visiting the venue must pay particular attention to all notices and signs
relating to health and safety matters. If you do not understand a notice or sign, please ask a
member of staff. While you are using the facilities, we expect you to behave appropriately, at all
times. We have the right to prevent you entering or ask you to leave if we think that you behaviour
or appearance is not suitable.
Moto101 may, at times, withdraw all or some of its facilities for certain periods of time to carry out
cleaning, repairs, alterations, maintenance or security work or for reasons that are beyond our
control. Our opening times are displayed on the website and in the information leaflet. If we make
changes to the opening times, we will provide the relevant details on the website and at signing
on. Participants are advised to check the details of their activities before attending.
You bring all personal belongings to the facilities at your own risk. We do not accept liability for
any loss or damage to these items. We recommend that you do not bring valuable items to the
facility. For security reasons, you should store any personal belongings in your locked vehicle.

Please Remember:
Place used oil in waste oil tank.
Put all litter in skips or bins provided.
No riding in the car park, pushing bikes only.
No bikes in spectator area.
No passengers on motorcycles.
Please supervise children.
Dogs must be kept on a lead.
Bikes to be used at the circuit must be able to pass a noise test carried out at any time.
This should not exceed 96dBs at three quarters maximum revs when measured at 0.5 meters
from the exhaust.
Photography at the circuit is prohibited unless for personal purposes only. You are permitted to
sell photographs that you take but only on the strict condition that they are not used for
promotional or commercial purposes and must have the consent of the circuit operator





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